Marathon County Crime Stoppers

Quick 50 School Program

New “P3 Tips” Mobile App



Did you know that Crime Stoppers is also active in our area schools?  Crime Stoppers offers a school safety program targeted at keeping our students and teachers safe. The Quick 50 program is designed to confiscate and eliminate weapons, drugs, and alcohol on school grounds or at school related events. 


Since the year 2000, area schools have partnered with Marathon County Crime Stoppers to offer the Quick 50 school program.  The highly successful program is active in the D.C. Everest, Wausau, Mosinee, Athens, Edgar and Marathon school districts. Schools participating include those at the middle, junior and senior high levels.


Students are able to step up and help make their school safer, creating a better, more relaxed and safe learning environment.  Students can make a difference! 





When students report information about weapons, drugs, or alcohol, the information is verified and students are then eligible for a Quick $50 cash reward. Students may also report tip information on other crimes or criminal activity within the school or community, which may qualify them for a higher reward.


It’s fast.  It’s safe.  It’s simple.

Students can remain completely anonymous.


Students who want to report information anonymously have 3 simple options.  Students may submit tips via the free “P3 Tips” phone App, on-line through the Crime Stoppers web-site, or the toll-free Crime Stoppers hotline. (Students may also report directly to a school official, SRO, or trusted staff member and remain confidential.) 



TAP-TYPE-TALK.  It’s the student’s choice.


TAP- Download the P3 Tips App to submit secure & anonymous tips

TYPE- Go on-line to

TALK- Call 1-877-409-8777 to talk to Crime Stoppers directly



Students have reported feeling safer in the school setting knowing there is a confidential program they can safely participate in to help keep dangerous weapons, drugs and alcohol out of their school.  Students say they want to take an active role and like having the new reporting options.



For more information about starting a Quick 50 Program in your school, contact the Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement Coordinator at Marathon County Sheriff’s Department, 261-1423.